Infrastructure of Zoology


The Zoological museum houses more than 1000 prepared animals in Jars and stuffed animals in boxes, cabinets and several models of extinct animals. Many of them are valuable treasures, evidence of rare and extinct species that were gathered from many parts of the world and are proof of the potential of evolution in the animal kingdom. Mr. G.V.S.Prakasa Rao, founder Head of the Department of Zoology was the pioneer in the development of museum and assisted by Mr. B.Rama Jogeswara Rao and Mr. K.V.S. Prasad. Due to good interest extended by the succeeding staff members, the collection continually grew along with their importance, and the museum received good reputation and recognition.

Mr. A. Venkatapathi Raju, former Head of the Department of Zoology and Principal served his maximum for the beautification of the museum. Various specimens collected by several staff members of the department are fundamental basis for the enrichment of the museum.From the very beginning, the collections served research and teaching purposes. The gates of the museum are opened to anyone interested in viewing the diversity of animals.

The museum is opened even on holidays for families, individual visitors, students and teachers of educational institutions who are looking for opportunity to gather information on a specific focus of the exhibits.

In order to live up to these requirements, the collections are being continually gathered both from local area and distant places. We are proud to mention that our museum won the appreciation from the members of the NAAC peer team during their visit for the assessment and accreditation of our college. The chairman of the peer team Prof. Siva Subramanian commended the efforts of the staff members of the Department in the development of the museum. He passed comments in the visitors book as “Highly impressive by the different collections and also the maintenance. Please keep it up. Congratulations”.The collection is given below.

Specimens – 906

Stuffed specimens – 40

Models – 96

Skeletal structures – 267

Plastic Mounts – 48


Microscopic slides – 646

Biovisual charts – 192

Roll – up black boards – 16

Binocular Microscope – 9

Compound Microscope – 50

Dissecting Microscope – 28

Oil immersion Microscope – 1

Micro projector – 1

Projection drawing Mirrors – 2

Microtome – 1

Epidiascope – 1

Plastic screen – 1

Prismatic Binoculars – 1

Field camera – 1

Magnifiers on stand – 16

Folding magnifiers – 34

Dissection instruments (set) – 8

Test tube stands – 15

Photo micrographic colourslides – 78

Lantern slides – 129

Ph meter – 1

Ph pen – 1